Icelandic horses

Edge of the woods


If you're not quite ready for Riding in Iceland, but have some interest...we have a Great Solution -

Spend a little time with these folks and horses in a beautiful part of our world and get acquainted with the Icelandic horse under very civilized conditions!

The programs:
5 days of trail riding
3 days of trail riding
2 days of trail riding
The trail riding programs come with:
Fine Accomodations at The Mad River Inn
An instuction period on day 1
All meals (many of which will be memorable)
Prior arrangements for in-depth training are easy to set up.
Details of Vermont Horse Farm Rides

The Deals:
Discounts will be applied to some combinations of Horses North Riding Tours in Iceland and Riding Tours in Vermont

Visit our sister site www.icelandadventure.comIceland Adventure for other views of tours in Iceland (and lottsa photos)

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Or click here if you'd rather be guided and just relax

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